Let Me Know

by Furnace Creek

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Live Acoustic album with a lot love and good friends behind it


released July 1, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Lucas Carillo
Mastered by Sindrum



all rights reserved


Furnace Creek New York

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Track Name: Floppy Cobb
My brother don't you understand, how
hard it is to see you run? Can't you hear
your mothers cries, as she slowly dies inside
praying for you? And my friend is there a civil
war inside your mind? Well who lives and who dies?
can see you're lost at heart. It's the hallucinogenic's
and drugs, they're poisoning your mind. Oh Lord I
know I'm not his savior, but sometimes I wish I was, oh God I wish I was. if it was me I'd never have set him free.
He'd be standing here singing with you and me, But
Instead he's out running away. Can't you see that these
roads you're taking we cannot follow? If you return
beaten and roughed up, just know that it's my Gods’
love that is more than enough (Thank you God for this
love and your life and everything beautiful in sight., as I
rise to the morning sun you're the only thing on my
Track Name: Broken
How many times will you beg for forgiveness before
you show actual repentance? How many times will I
destroy your plans before you realize that you need
mine? You see my child it's a cold broken and world, do
you see they're trying to destroy you? You see my
child it's my love thats far greater than the unknown.
Can’t you see that my heart it is broken - but I will
break for you. Can't you see that my hands they are
blistered - but I will wear them down for you. Can't you
see that this life it is worthless - but I will put worth
into you. Can’t you see that my heart it is broken. It is
broken- We are broken. I am broken. Without you God I
am broken, without you God we are
broken. Broken.
Track Name: Tennessee
Darling I'm afraid that there are things about me
not even you have the ability to change. I fell for
another but I only wanted you, could you get
past those facts? So Let's run together to a place that I
know where the roads meet grassy meadows. Grab
all your bags and throw them in my truck, I swear
we can outrun all this bad luck. Tell no one, I mean
don't tell a soul, where we're headed. Cause we are
headed for Tennessee. We can wake late most every day,
we could have our own baby. With all the flowers that I
plant for you, and when the leaves and I sing to you.
In all these late moonlit walks, just know my joy only
grows cause you're all that I want. You're all that I want
Track Name: Solider
You say that I'm confusing, that every word I sing is
roundabout. I say that you're so pessimistic, well
every day doesn't have to be like this. So blame it
on your mother, for all the emotional scars she left
on you. Or blame it on your brother, he never
quite was there for you. And as for me I'm a soldier,
I promised to win the war but I never came home.
(So blame it on me, baby just blame it on me)
Lay me in he ground, don't let me bring you down.
Track Name: New New
Reminisce with me back to a time where it was
you and I. I remember staring into each others eyes.
A wonderful feeling runs, and others come into for this.
In silent moments, chaos and depravity stops
The light it shines on all but how it loves shining on you.
So Picture this its 9:46, 14 minutes until your curfew.
Well We sat parked in that awful diners parking lot. Oh the
look on your face when we found what we thought we
misplaced Don't look away, don't make me drive this car,
cause I don't wanna lose the sight of your heart. The light
it shines on all but how it loves shining on you.
Track Name: Your Words
I stayed all night and drove with the windows down to meet you in our town I found you there slouched and strung out. On all the words I was about to find were
false and fantasized I couldn't see your face behind your
lies. I never thought you would go that far Now it's apparent: You never had a heart, Your acid words have
left me blinded Your mind was always undecided All I
got was unrequited love. Your confession made the puzzle more complete It came together like my fist against the leather backseat. tell me that you can't forgive yourself
You're living in your own hell you think I couldn't care
less. While your rusty knife is ripping at my chest, My shredded heart dissolves in bitterness Your selfishness
came uninvited And stole the gifts that I provided And
all I got was unrequited love. I've felt the pain And
you're to blame I've felt the pain you're to blame and Nothing's changed I'd take you back if you would try
it Even if if you kept on lying Even with your unrequited love
Track Name: Towards the Light
I went down to the wilderness alone underneath the trees and the birds singing. My face lay buried in my hands with tears streaming down my cheeks, but your grace is sufficient for me. You said child please come home, child please come home. Now I'm running towards the light. Now I'm soaring towards the light. The sky was ripped in half, and your holy hands and feet you came walking towards me. You kissed my face and you met me with an embrace, Lord I will do all that it takes Cause you say, child please come home. Child please come home.
Now I'm running towards the light.
Now I'm soaring towards the light.
Track Name: All things Familiar
When you showed him your naked skin did he grin thinking about his teeth sinking in, or did he hold you so tenderly? Were his word spoken so delicately when he swore that he only wanted you, or did he tell what his body could do?(Do. in June) Did he have perverted eyes, were they full of lust once resembling mine? Did you think you were in for a good time? I'm sure that it felt great, but to him you're just one of eight. Does it feel better now, do you feel better now? Was it worth the cost with all that we lost, are you better now? So tell me with out a doubt, That your better now? Darling I am dying to find out, are you better now? Are you better now? You spin my head around, around, I see you driving with him around town Can you tell me without a doubt, that you're better now?
Track Name: Hallelujah
You are the sun, hallelujah. But June 6th you leave me
heartsick why don't you ever come around? Cause You
are my sunset, and darling you burn my skin. You’ve
always burned my skin, you've always burned my skin.